The Double Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon runs 26.2 miles from Hopkinton, MA to Boston on the third Monday of every April. On the day of the 2014 Boston Marathon I am going to start running at the finish line, run to the start line, and then run the marathon. I will start my watch when I begin running in Boston and stop the time when I return to the finish line. I am doing this as a fundraiser for the Be Strong Stay Strong Fund and the amount I raise will be directly tied to how quickly I finish the 52.4 mile journey. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Be Strong Stay Strong Fund, a charity set up to help a Charlotte (via Knoxville) family injured by the bombings.

Every year several people do the double Boston Marathon but to my knowledge this will be the first time somebody has truly raced it. My goal is under 6 hours, which is 6:52.2 per mile. Please go to my donations page to make a pledge. When you fill out the form, you have the option to pledge a set amount or an amount based on how fast I run, or you can just sign up to receive updates. I will not be collecting money until after the 2014 Boston Marathon and you can change your pledge amount at any time up until race morning.


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