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2010 Boston Marathon

2010 Boston Marathon

I am painfully aware of where I stand in the running hierarchy. I was a 4:30 miler in high school (just like everybody else, according to Frank Shorter), I barely broke 15:00 in the 5K in college, and I still haven’t run a sub 2:30 marathon. However, I have shown some brief glimpses of ability, mostly in events that require more stubbornness than talent. I ran a 3:00:10 50K in January of 2013 (which, frustratingly, is the same pace per mile as my marathon best, set in February of 2013). I got 10th place at the JFK 50 Miler in 2011, running 6:21:55 after basically walking over the Appalachian Trail section of the race. That was my first time running over 31 miles at once. My best time at Boston is 2:34:24. So I understand that I’m nothing special in the running world, and I know there are countless marathoners and ultra marathoners who can wipe the floor with me. I’m just trying to do something meaningful with the talent that I have.


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