Mercedes Marathon Recap

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As always, remember that I am training for a double marathon to raise money for the Be Strong Stay Strong Fund.  Please click here to pledge money for my double Boston feat.   You can pledge money based on how fast I run, or pledge a set amount, or you can just sign up to receive email updates.  I swear I won’t spam you.


I ran the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham AL on February 16 and ran a personal record for the marathon.  I was a bit concerned about the temperatures because with a low of about 35F that morning and clear skies, it could easily rise into the danger zone for me.  However, I carried a hand-held water bottle with me for the entire race (swapping the first out for a second full one at halfway) and drank both bottles during the race.  This is way more fluid than I would normally drink during a marathon and I really think that helped me avoid dehydration (although I suppose it may have affected my GI system).

I started out very conservatively, running the first half marathon around 1:17 (faster than my first half in Charleston but in better conditions) and making sure to drink my Gatorade/water mixture.  Maybe I drank too much, or maybe it would have happened anyway, but around mile 15 (right when I was hoping to start picking up the pace) I had to make a deposit in a port-a-potty.  It probably cost me 60-90 seconds but I felt much better afterwards and was able to run faster and more comfortably.

For the last 10 miles I was comfortably running 5:20s and 5:30s, and my last 3 miles were all under 5:20.  This was the first time I’ve ever had my fastest miles at the end of a marathon, and I ended up running 2:29:44 for 5th place and my first sub-2:30 marathon.  While sub-2:30 has never particularly been a goal of mine, I was really happy to have done it without any sort of taper because it shows that I’m in much better shape than that.

Since some people have asked what my training is like, here’s what the week of the marathon looked like:

Monday AM – 10 easy / PM – 10 easy
Tuesday AM – 10 easy / PM – 14 with 6×1 mile (2:00 jog recovery), avg 5:05
Wednesday PM – 17 mile progression run from 7:10 to 5:45, avg 6:15
Thursday PM – 5 easy (snow day)
Friday AM – 10 easy / PM – 10 easy
Saturday AM – 7 easy
Sunday AM – Mercedes Marathon, 2:29:44
Total – 119 miles

I usually do cycles of 3 hard weeks, 1 easy week but in the two weeks between Mercedes and the USA 50K championships I decided to try to be smart and take it easy to make sure I’m recovered.  Hopefully this allows me to run well on Sunday.  I’m hoping to better my PR of 3:00:10 that I set at the Salem Lake Frosty 50K last January.

As for fundraising, we are now just over $2,000, with another $14.25 for every minute I run the double marathon under 7 hours.  This means if I achieve my goal of 6 hours we will have made almost $3,000!  Please continue sharing this with your friends, family and coworkers.  Again, the link to the pledge page is here.  I think we can get the total over $5,000.

Also, I have dusted off my Twitter handle.  I don’t post a whole lot but you can follow me @ShavingTime.  Race day is April 21.  Less than 2 months to go!


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