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Some of you are probably (definitely) reading through this stuff and saying, “This is just a gimmick to get attention.  Why not just run the marathon as fast as you can?”  And I agree with you, it is a gimmick.  That’s kind of the point I was trying to make in the “About Me” and “Why I’m Doing This” sections.  I’m trying to raise money for charity so I need to do something special.  I’m never going to run the kind of marathon times that will make me really stand out of the pack.

So to get people to take notice and pledge money I need a gimmick.  I know I’m not the fastest marathoner out there and I’m definitely not the best ultra-marathoner, but most people who can run a 2:30 marathon wouldn’t want to “waste” an opportunity to run fast and get a high place at Boston.  But I don’t think I’m wasting my opportunity if I can help some people who were affected by the bombings.  I think helping out a charity will do more good than running another 2:30 marathon, and in order to bring in as much money as I can, I need to get maximum exposure.  Thus, the gimmick of the double marathon. 

Frankly, if I can complete it in under 6 hours (6:52 pace), I will be as satisfied as if I ran a sub 2:30 at Boston.  And I definitely think I can make more money for charity by doing this “stunt” than by being just another 2:30 marathoner.

Finally, I know there are some people who do a version of this every year (although I think they usually take some time at the start before they start the second marathon and I’m planning on timing it to have as little rest as possible).  If anybody knows what the fastest time is for the double, please let me know.

Click here to make a pledge.

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